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Four principles of Selecting security screw

source:    Author:Catherine    views:76    Release time:2015-01-09

It said data showed that the loose screw of mechanical equipment and theft has caused the loss of hundreds of millions of yuan every year in China. This not only brings impact to economic development, but brings more harm to the citizens' personal safety. Security screw arises at the historic moment. At present, various types of security screws on the market are overwhelmed. Selecting security screw becomes a difficult problem to normal users. Below, I will introduce the four principles of selecting security screw for you.

1.Choose professional manufacturers

The professional China screw manufacturer must have security screw. Security screw product has the enterprise standard QB. This standard is examined, recorded, and approved by State Bureau of Technical Supervision. In a word, the manufacturer which has security screw enterprise standard is the real professional screw manufacturer.

2.Choose patented products

Almost all security screw and nut have a patent. The users should see clearly the three basic things recorded on the patent certificate: The patent holder's name, the date of authorization and certificate number and the project name of invention.

3.According to the shape and structure

Choose “simple” not “complicated”, as simple as possible. Don't choose the security screw with complex shape and structure, big volume weight, and strange appearance. first

Don't use the damaging security screw (anti-theft cap) on bolt structure. Don't select the anti-theft products with difficult installation and unsafe factor. In short, the safety of construction is first.

Above is the four principles of selecting security screw. I hope it can be helpful to you.  

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