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King Tower Socket Head Screw

source:    Author:    views:258    Release time:2017-04-19

King Tower socket head screw is made up of an inner hexagon cup head screw, a spring washer and a flat washer fastening assembly together.

The material of socket head screw, divided into steel and stainless steel.

In the market, the material of hexagon screw in general are 8.8-Grade
Hexagon combination screws. General manufacturers are using wire 10B21 /1010/1018 to produce, the hardness are reach 8.8 grade, but it needs to remove the hydrogen, to prevent the spring washer and screw from breakage.

Stainless steel socket head screw usually are stainless steel 304(SS304),
Material 201 screw are lees production general, because the hardness of stainless steel 201 are not good to control, easy to crack.

King Tower hexagon screw is commonly used in machinery, mainly for fastening, disassembly, not easy to slip angle and other advantages.

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