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Laptop Screw Plating Thickness Detection Method

source:    Author:Kira    views:297    Release time:2015-06-26

In order to improve laptop screw hardness index during use, before it’s use we must make material layer at the surface. When it is done, how can we check thickness of the plating layer? And today I would like to share laptop screw plating thickness detection method for you.

1. Metallographic method

This way use metallographic microscope to check cross section, it’s a way to measure up metal coating and anodic films local thickness. Generally thickness detection should be greater than 1um that can be ensure the results of measurement within the error range. The greater laptop screw plating thickness, the smaller error would be.

2. Coulomb method

This detection method is suited for single or multi material plating thickness anodic dissolution coulomb method, which includes measure multiplayer system like Cu/Ni/Cr and thickness of alloy coverings, alloying diffusion layer. For laptop screw, it’s not only can measure sample planar coating, also can use for cylindrical and wire rod coating thickness. Even more especially suitable for metal and potential difference of multilayer Ni coating. The kind of plating measurement is Au, Ag, Zn, Cu, Ni, dNi and Cr.

3. X-ray method

This method is suitable for measure metal coating thickness for some industries, including Au, Ag, Sn, Cu, Ni, Cr and other metallic element.

In a word, we screw manufacturers should use scientific and correct methods for laptop screw plating thickness detection method.

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