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Professional China Screw Manufacturer Introduces the Self-tapping Screw

source:    Author:Catherine    views:144    Release time:2014-12-22

As a professional China screw manufacturer, you must be familiar with the self-tapping screw, because the self-tapping screw is a kind of frequently-used screw.  Today, I will introduces it for you.

Self-tapping screw is used for nonmetal or soft metal without a bottom hole and tapping. The head of self-tapping screw is cuspidal, so it can “self-tapping”. Ordinary screw is flat, and the thickness is consistent. Self-tapping screw is that drill hole is without tapping hole, using different screw, its head is sharp, and its tooth pitch is big. It is is a bit like with the no crumbs screw tap. Professional China screw manufacturer must know that self-tapping screw also have their own very significant difference. Self-tapping screw has high hardness. The space between screw thread is wide. Its thread is deep, and its surface is not smooth. Self-tapping screws from beginning to end are made by three parts, that is, the head, the valve stem and the end of the valve stem.

China screw manufacturer all know that the composition of each self-tapping screw has four elements: the head shape, twist way, types of thread, the end type. The head has various shapes, including round head (semi-round head), button head, round head flange, oval head flange and so on. Dongguan King-Tower Hardware Co., Ltd is a professional China screw manufacturer, so it is very familiar with the knowledge of all kinds of screws.

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