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Precision Micro Screw micro and It’s Classify

source:    Author:    views:160    Release time:2015-06-22

When we talk about micro screw is precision micro screw called for short. Micro screwsare mainly include two major classes. One is self-tapping class, the other oneis machine silk class. These kind of screw is widely used, for the big one areused in the components and parts of automobile, steamship, train and so on; andfor the small one are most widely used in the parts of some little electronicproducts, like DVD, loudspeaker box, headphones’ material service. Today I’dlike to share how to categorize micro screws.

Firstly, for self-tapping class precision micro screw, the tall of it is lantern, oftenmanifest as self-tacking tooth. And screw threads are always in many kinds,there are machine silk tooth and self-tapping tooth. The head also in many kinds,like pan head which we often called in half-round head, countersunk head and half-countersunk head. The shape of micro screw head have panor without pad 2 kinds. The tail’s shape have pointed tail one, slotting grooveone, with pad one, B tooth one and fast tooth tapping one. We can represent byletters, pan head is PA, countersunk head is KA, half-countersunk head is OA,thread cutting is PT, fringe head is TA and so on.

For machine silk class precision micro screw, will mainly be seen in flushend not a point end. When pitch thread is machine silk tooth, distance betweentooth and tooth is well distributed. The shape of screw just as size and shapeof the head, tolerance zone, size of pad with, head’s thickness, materials andothers, and most of the specifications are same with self-tapping class.Machine silk class screw also includes pan head PM, countersunk head KM, fringehead TM, with pad PW.

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