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The Classification of Common Tapping Screws

source:    Author:Catherine    views:101    Release time:2015-02-03

The common tapping screws have many types. Today I will analyze the classification of common tapping screws in detail.

1.Thread Forming Tapping Screws

Thread Forming Tapping Screw is directly developed by the iron screw. When using, it must be drilled in advance. And then screw it into the hole. It only can be applied to thin material with plasticity.

2.Thread Cutting Tapping Screws

Thread Cutting Tapping Screws -- In the end of thread cut out one or more cutting mouth, using screw tail and teeth in a similar way of tap to cut out female thread when screw into the prebored hole. It can be used in thick plate, more hard and brittle materials which are not easy to shape.

3.Thread Rolling Tapping Screws

Thread Rolling Tapping Screws are developed based on the principle of forming tapping screws. It has special design of screw thread and end that can roll into a fit of the female thread under the pressure of the intermittent. At the same time, the material around the hole can be more easily fill the space of tapping screw thread and tooth bottom.

4.Self Drilling Tapping Screws

   Self Drilling Tapping Screws is also called Tec. The surface hardness and the core hardness of self drilling tapping screws are a little harder than general tapping screws. This is because the drlling screw has one more drilling operation.

5.Twin Lead Self Drilling Point Tapping Screws

Twin Lead Self Drilling Point Tapping Screws can be easily screw in the wall after assembled. Most of the tapping screw all belong to commercial purposes. For example, when tapping screw provided as combination screw (SEMS), it can provide closer service.  

Above is the classification of common tapping screws. I hope it can be helpful to you.

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