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The Another Three Micro Screw Production Process

source:    Author:Catherine    views:108    Release time:2014-12-16

Last week, I have introduced the former three screw production processes. Today, I will continue to introduce the another three.

Micro screw production process (d) - molding.

1.Purpose: Cold forging or hot forging the wire, to reach the shape and length (or thickness) of semi-finished product.

2.Operation procedure: cut off hexagon screw (four mold four blunt or three mold three blunt), hot beat (also called red beat).

Micro screw production process (e) - rolling teeth.

Purpose: Rolling or tapping the semi-finished products which have formed to achieve the required screw thread. On the practical, screw (bolt) is called rolling teeth. Article teeth is called roll teeth. The nut is called tapping teeth. Rolling teeth is to fix a tooth board, and another piece of movable tooth board to drive the products moving. By using extrusion products produce plastic deformation to form the required thread. Tapping teeth is by tapping the forming nut to form the required thread.

Micro screw production process (f) - heat treatment.

The ways of heat treatment: According to the different object and purpose can choose the different heat treatment.

Above is the another three production processes. Dongguan King-tower Hardware Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of micro screw. It has many years of experience in screw industry.

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