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The Selection of Chicago Screw Grease

source:    Author:Catherine    views:154    Release time:2014-11-18

Generally speaking, the most common machine part is screw. To correctly select the most suitable Chicago screw grease, we should select it according to the material or surface of the screw, screw thread and the use conditions.

   Under the condition of high temperature work, therefore, screwed connection should be lubricated by special high temperature lubricating grease. The base oil of these lubricating grease mixed with different solid lubricant, and with other additives. In the formulation of lubricating grease or when selecting lubricating grease, we must pay attention to that Chicago screw grease can not contain sulfur, zinc, lead and aluminum. Otherwise the screw will be damaged. For example, the stress corrosion fracture will take place when Chicago screw is under high temperature. High temperature resistant screws are usually made of austenitic materials and alloy components such as nickel, molybdenum. This can only form a very thin oxide layer on the surface of the screw thread to produce high friction coefficient and easy to glue. By developing a pressure separation membrane, the modern high temperature grease can prevent this problem. It can reduce the friction coefficient to the ideal value, and prevent oxidizing gas from entering. In addition to these properties, some lubricant must apply to the workplace in low temperature. It has a special formula to prevent friction coefficient corrosion and other unexpected circumstances.

   As mentioned above, the correct selection of Chicago screw grease is very important to the screw.

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